Our Focus on Accurate Charting and Billing Efficiencies

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Deficiency Prevention

We have found that even a small variance towards down-coding can lead to massive amounts of lost revenue. That’s why we continually monitor charting and counsel physicians to document appropriately, which has resulted in a rate of less than .05% deficiencies across all of our sites. We work with your billing team to streamline processes and to help you be as efficient as possible.

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Maximize Revenue

Being excellent at charting is only the start. We’re always looking for, and finding, options for continual improvement. We work with your EMR to make sure ancillary and procedural information is accurately represented so you can capture 100% of the charges in your ED and maximize the hospital’s revenue. Find out how we deliver value to your bottom line and create a stronger emergency department in the process.

We’re Ready to Streamline Your Financial Processes

Get in touch with Innova if you’re ready to upgrade your emergency department’s charting, coding, and billing processes. Our exceptionally skilled providers and administrators are eager to teach you what they know.

Strengthen Your Bottom Line Strengthen Your Bottom Line