Innova rethinks the Emergency Department for tomorrow’s medicine. Our team deploys fresh approaches to staffing, culture development, and patient care–all driven by robust, metric-based accountability.

Elevate Your Emergency Care Elevate Your Emergency Care


Expecting more from Your Emergency Department Starts with Redefining What’s Possible in Emergency Medicine Management

Innova has proven experience generating better results for emergency departments. We maintain a competitive mindset and a strong sense of ownership at every level of our company because the success of the modern hospital requires that kind of commitment. Innova uses a wide variety of patient and staff metrics to track your progress and ensure our accountability, including patient satisfaction, door-to-doctor times, patients who left without being seen (LWBS), staff turnover rates, and dozens of other measurements. By keeping our fingers on the performance pulse of your emergency department, we quickly identify gaps in coverage and plan around future inefficiencies.

High Quality Care Starts with High Caliber Physicians


We use an innovative physician staffing model to attract fresh, talented physicians to your emergency department. Our team members get excited about making a meaningful impact on the communities we serve. Innova doctors are unique: they’re idealists who understand that living those ideals requires rolling up their sleeves. Our focus on equity creates a healthy and stable culture that carries over to your hospital. We have incredibly low physician turnover rates and high levels of accountability that drive team camaraderie and quality of care.


We know how to tailor our staffing solutions to your budget and we’ll use our network to bring you board-certified and residency-trained emergency physicians and experienced Allied Health Providers. Each one arrives fully committed to improving things around them with advanced skills in patient care, flow efficiency, and management strategies for your emergency department.


At all stages of a visit, patients know exactly what our emergency team is doing to help them, why they’re doing it, and where they are in the flow. We give our patients an outlet for real-time feedback so we can immediately improve our processes. You’ll see results through higher patient satisfaction scores and a lower number of patients leaving without being seen. The next time someone asks them about your ED, expect a glowing recommendation.


We get involved in your hospital committees and build trusting, strong relationships with your medical staff. Innova physicians are eager to become visible parts of your community. They enthusiastically engage in volunteerism, mentoring, and community activism. Here are some of the local organizations that benefit from these close partnerships:

  • Kingman Regional Medical Center Foundation
  • Mt. San Rafael Hospital Foundation
  • San Luis Valley Health Foundation
  • Aspirus Iron River Foundation
  • Kingman Firefighters Association
  • Denver Broncos charities
  • Lids for Kids
  • Lee Williams High School
  • Silver City Soccer Club
  • Minds Matter of Denver
  • Goodwill of Denver
  • Brent’s Place – Aurora
  • Camp Wapiyapi


We are proud to view ourselves as mentors to future providers and we work hard to show them the abiding value of rural care. It’s incredibly fulfilling to give back and, of course, it serves as a great recruiting tool for our hospitals. Those students are already inspired to contribute to something greater than themselves and we lead them where they can do it. We’ve mentored nurse practitioners and medical students from the following schools:

  • Midwestern University
  • Colorado State University, Pueblo
  • University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Rocky Vista Osteopathic School of Medicine
  • Regis School of Nursing/Nurse Practitioner Program

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Our team deploys fresh approaches to staffing, culture development, and patient care–all driven by robust, metric-based accountability.

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