Why a Great Doctor is Worth Every Penny

By November 20, 2018Employee Satisfaction
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Why a Great Doctor is Worth Every Penny

What’s the most important goal of any emergency department? For most of us, it’s simple: providing outstanding emergency department patient care. To achieve this, the single best investment you can make is hiring an outstanding physician and creating functional and reliable partnerships. Read more to find out why.

Your physicians are the captains of the ship.

Your physician will set the tone in the Emergency Department. A well-qualified physician will earn the confidence of the nurses and techs and will inspire cooperation and positive attitudes in the staff. They will care for your patients with empathy, compassion, and technical skill. They will communicate and work with your medical staff to coordinate further outpatient and inpatient care. They will be the leaders of the Emergency Department.

Innova Physicians are prepared to offer the best care at any time

We are skilled in caring for patients from their first breath to their last. Innova physicians will staff the department at 2 AM, on weekends, on holidays, without fail. We will care for your entire patient population with compassion – whether they have insurance or not. Emergency Physicians provide care to patients on their worst days and provide the safety net for those without access to services. In addition, rural hospitals can count on our physicians to provide outstanding care in a setting with limited resources.

Providing the best care, lowering patient complaints

Emergency Department Administrators will spend less time on complaints about physicians, but also complaints about staff, registration and even billing – because Innova EM physicians provide outstanding care and inspire others to do the same. Patient experience is important, and we have to skills to lead medical teams to improve your scores. Let us take the previous headaches of your emergency department off your plate.

Medical Charts | Innova Emergency Medical AssociatesImproving Billing with less Chart-Chasing

Your facility and providers should be billing for the work they provide. An outstanding emergency physician knows how their charting affects billing and will provide the documentation needed for you to match the ideal coding levels for your facility. This translates into easier budgeting, less chart chasing, and ideal reimbursement without concerns for over- or underbilling.

A strong physician group will help you achieve your goals – whether it is trauma certification, improved community reputation, or better teamwork in your medical staff.

Trying to achieve trauma designation or move up a level? We’ve done it by hiring board-certified ED docs, showing commitment to achieving that designation. Fighting a previously poor reputation in the community? We’ve succeeded by providing the best patient care with the best doctors. Trying to turn around ED culture? We’ve taken sites with long wait times and poor patient satisfaction scores and turned them into metrics superstars by partnering with the nurses and support staff.  

There are simply not enough physicians to fill all the available jobs on the market. You’ll need to do more to recruit and retain these high-level candidates. Competitive pay structures, flexible scheduling, and a generous benefits package will go a long way in attracting physicians to your Emergency Department. And when you do, they’ll be worth every penny. That’s why Innova is here. We are your team for ED recruitment and administration. Contact us today to improve your Emergency Department from the ground up.

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