Innova’s CEO, Ashley Williams, named 2021 CEO of the Year Finalist

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We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Ashley Williams, was just named a 2021 CEO of the year finalist by ColoradoBiz magazine due to her dedication to elevating rural healthcare!


Ashley Williams is dedicated to elevating rural health care

2021 CEO of the Year Finalist

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Ashley Williams

CEO | Innova Emergency Medical Associates | Denver

Since 2014, Williams has been at the helm of Innova Emergency Medical Associates, a company dedicated to elevating rural health care. Founded in 2011, the firm has grown more than tenfold since Williams arrived. It now provides emergency department physician staffing to 14 hospitals and organizations in five states. 

With more than 20 years of health-care business experience, Williams is involved in all levels of the company, whose departments are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In her role, Williams oversees all corporate operations, including negotiating partner, payer and vendor contracts.

As a company that staffs emergency departments around the country, Innova’s biggest challenge has involved COVID-19 and striving to keep the firm’s 150 employees safe, healthy and prepared. Williams makes a point to know each and every employee on top of managing business relationships with 10 hospitals and organizations for staffing. 

In response to COVID-19, Innova met a number of new partners to provide staff with PPE, developed protocols for care of staff and patients in the setting of a completely new disease process and created backup plans to ensure that staffing would never
be interrupted. 

Ashley Williams is dedicated to elevating rural health care